Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Just a quick posts today! Well it was crazy hair day at school today! Kellen wakes up almost every morning and asks whats on the calendar today for school! He loves doing different stuff everyday in the summer. Well whn I told him what day was today , he got all giddy and just started cracking up. He said, "Momma I want rocker hair!" Then he says right after that, "Do you know what that is, its a Mohawk!" dont you just love his rocker face!!

So with the help of his dad and tons of hair gel (and I mean tons bc his hair has gotten so long) we finally suceeded in the mohawk! And when we walked in everyone made over him and his hair do. And if you know my kid he loves loves loves being the center of attention!! Of course his sister had to get her picture too with her Kewhen!

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