Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Pappaw!

Yesterday July 14, was my grandfathers 89th Birthday! He is such a great and wonderful Christian Man. He has been such a strong influence in my life and I love him every much. We had a little party at the place he and my grandmother live. Not all of us grandchildren got to come but a few of us and the great-grandchildren got to spend his birthday with him eating cake and having fun. Tons of his friends and elders came to the party from the facility. I think they all enjoyed it!!! This picture to the left is of my grandparents and my mom and Aunt JoAnn.

My Aunt Jo Ann, Cousin Michelle and her 3 boys- Brandon, Tyler, & Alex
My mom, Shara Jane, My sister Kandice and her 2 kids- Connor and Caitlyn, and of course myself and Little Kellen came. Mylee Jayne is a wild child when she goes up there and never sits still so she got to stay at school!! Here are a few pictures of the fun birthday!

This my sister, Kandice, my cousin, Michelle, and me at the party.

This is me and my sweet neice, Caitlyn! She is just precious!!
This is my nephew, Connor!

That's about it for July 14th! I did not have hardly any pictures of my own child because he was tooo busy playing with the dogs and birds at the facility and was also too busy talking to all the other elders and handing out cake. So I will get more pics up this weekend of the kids!

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