Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A weekend at the Zoo, a TV Star, & a Bully!!!

This picture is of my sister Kandice, My mom- Shara-, myself, & My sister, Stacy. We missed you TT!!

This past weekend we were quite busy!! We headed to the zoo on Saturday to enjoy the morning sunshine and family. My sister that lives in Huntsville, AL came to visit with her 3 boys and 1 little girl. So we thought, the kids needed to run off a little energy! Altogether we had 8 kids and 7 adults! While we were there the had there Ice Cream Safari! My dad was sooooo excited! For those of you how know my dad, you know he loves some ice cream. There were about 40 different MS celebrities out there serving about 40 different types of Blue Bell ice cream. The kids were wild and full of sugar by noon! It was fun and the kids, I mean Dad and Big Kellen, had a blast eating all the ice cream!
Big Kellen became a TV star, along with my Dad, at the ice cream thing. He was interviewed about the zoo and the how good all the ice cream was! Both of their favorite ice cream was Duck Chocolate, I think it had chocolate with vanilla swirl and brownies in it!

Also at the zoo, until August 15th, they have a splash park. It is by the elephants and it is just 5 big water blow up slides. But we brought their swimsuits and let them play. This is my precious neice, Caitlyn, with crazy faced Kellen. They had soooooo much fun. Mylee got to play on some of them but it was too slippery for her to climb up the slides. My
poor neice tried to help her but the both kept sliding back down!
This was so much fun for the kids and a little cool break from being so hot! We just sat and watched the kids play!

This is Mylee and her POP! She loves this guy! Everytime we see a red truck she screams POP POP POP! Usually in the morning when she wakes up she asks, "Where's Pop?" She is definetly a Pop GURL!

Lastly, this past Wednesday, the boys all went to meet the Bulldogs! Wow I have never seen such excitement from Kellen when he got home, not sure if it was from his new favorite drink Cherry Dr. Pepper that Uncle Brett bought him or the DAWGS!!. He was soooo excited that he got to meet BULLY! and he can not wait till September when games start. They gave him and Big Kellen T-shirts and he had to sleep in it and was so excited that he got one just like daddy.

The Kellen's met some of our good friends up there too, "Uncle" Jeff and "Uncle" Brett. I am sure all 4 of those guys had a blast. Little Kellen would not get his picture taken witht he cheerleaders because he said the only picture he wanted a girl to be in was his momma or his sister! Man I trained him good ! Just kidding. Not sure why he wouldn't but he does love his picture with Bully!

We are going to the beach this Saturday so hopefully we will have some great pictures then. Sorry if I bored you and glad if you liked this post! Until next week!!!

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