Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 2010- Happy Times

Wow I am really horrible at the blog thing. I finally figured out how to sort of work it! 'Not sure where to begin! I'll just begin and tell you about the last few months, then hopefully I will keep up with the blogging.

All about Kellen Jr.:He is getting soooo big he is 4, almost 5, and he so smart and loves to play sports!! He loves, loves, loves Mississippi State anything. He also has made his daddy so proud because he loves the movie Rudy! I mean what Father would not want his son to love that movie. Anyways, kellen plays soccer and baseball and Big Kellen coaches him.

Both of the guys are such sports fans and I am sure Mylee is not far behind. Kellen has finally learned to swim, thanks to my wonderful sister and her pool. We love you TT!! He is like a fish! He is always making funny faces. Trying to get a good sweet picture of him is slim, he is also smiling crazy or giving the thumbs up!

He also loves to go to church. He is so funny about trying to remember all the stories, sometimes he gets them mixed up! But one he never forgets is the story of Joseph. We had VBS a few weeks ago and that is the main story we talked about. He loved it!! Kellen also likes to go, go, go! He loves just staying by himself at Nonnie & Pop's House, going to Grandma & Gramps house, going to the zoo, movies, this child hates to be still!! But he is such a sweet heart and loves to be told he has done the best job in the world- it makes his day!!

All about Miss Priss Mylee Jayne:

She is almost 22 months and all Sass! She loves her big brother and can be soooooo moody if she is not getting her way. She is trying to potty train, "trying" as I said. She hates to war any diapers and can not stand to be dirty!

She loves anything with Sugar in it, especially cookies & chocolate! She loves to swim and jump off the diving board- with floaties of coarse! She loves to play outside and loves to ring a cowbell! Again her daddy is sooooo proud!! She thinks all babies are her babies and will try and pick them up (so sorry Layni)! She is strictly a mommy's girl! She likes tinkerbell and Princess and the frog, dresses, but loves to dig in the dirt too! She is already a shoe fanatic and cries when she does not get a new pair at the store.

She loves to play with her Mahe (Maggie our beagle). She gets so excited when she does something good! Like feed the dog, go to the potty, put up her stuff! She loves to talk, half the time I have no clue what she is saying but she keeps on and on. She sings tons and loves for you to sing with her.

She is definetly a priss pot!!

We are going to The Wharf in Orange Beach in a week and half. Cant wait to be there for 8 straight days! The first 4 days my family, my parents, and one of my sisters family will be there, then on that Wednesday that they leave my in-laws, and brother-in-law and sister-in-law and our best friend "uncle Mallon" from Oregon will be there the rest. What an exciting trip! Cant wait for some relaxing family time!!

Well that is about it! Hopefully another year wont go by till I blog again!!

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