Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beach Fun Days 1-4!

The First 4 days!

The first four days of our Beach vacation, was with my side of the family. My parents, 1 of my sisters, Tamara and her family, and of course us, all stayed in a condo at the Wharf in Orange Beach, AL. We had an amazing time ! We went swimming at the wharf's oasis pool, which had a lazy river, kid pool an dkid slides, waterfalls, and a wave pool. We spent every morning there and came back to eat lunch and just hang out and do whatever the rest of the day.

We went to build-a-bear. Which was Kellens first time to go and do this. Mylee's too but she had no clue what was going on, she just liked looking and touching everything in there. But Kellen loved it. He built on with Patrick and dressed him like a basketball player. He got a dog and of course, its name is "BULLY" hmmm wonder where he came up with that. We now have bully 1 and a bully 2 now. He is such a bulldog fan!! He did not put this dog down for 2 seconds. He loved it!! Now Mylee's is just a plain bear that she now calls Beary! and she sleeps with it everynight.

Here they are doing some build a bear dance!

The kids are loving their glasses and there LuLu here!!

It was pretty funny that we brought there shirts that were just alike and they all just had to wear them.

Here is LuLu with the 2 boys! They are such Hams and love to have their picture taken! The 2 boys are really like best friends. They fight just loke brothers but in the end they love each other very much, Arent they just the cutest!!

Here is me and my sister Tamara (she is older than me! HAHA!) with my ever so cute dad! We are at Lulu's here!

Mylee loved loved loved the water slide. She went down so many times and tried to walk up it, which did not turn out so well!! Kellen and Mylee are so cute! they look so loving and sweet! I am sure right after this she whacked him on the head or pushed him!! She is definelty in the the terrible horrific two stage!!

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