Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beach Fun days 4-8!

Days 4- 8 at the beach were great! We finally got a family picture of the Maurer Family's. My in-laws came, Debra (mom), Bruce (Dad), Kyle(Bro), & Katy (Sis) and our other "bro-in-law" Chris Mallon a.k.a Uncle Mallon. Came down from Oregon to visit us at thebeach!

Just like the first 4 days we rode around the lazy river (yes I think the guys and Katy rode around like atleast 500 times in the four days!) and hung out at the Wharf! We did attempt to go to the beach one days, but Kyle, Katy, and little Kellen said the water itched them and it smelled bad. So onle 1 hour of the trip was at the beach!
Aunt Katy and Princess Mylee after swimming most of the day

Kyle(to the left) and Katy, Debra, & Mallon (to the right) going around the lazy river!

This is Kyle's boat! HAHA he wishes! we went looking around the boats one morning !

We ate at Lulu's one night and Lambert's one afternoon for lunch. My mother-in-law cooked some awesome Lasgana or as little kellen calls it, "Pasgana. And one night we had homemade french fries and pulled pork! They were soooooooooo good! I think I gained like 10 pounds just looking at my mother-in-laws great food!

These next few pics are from Lulu's! As you can tell Little Kellen loves to have his picture taken!

I mean don't I have the most handsome husband EVER!!! and of course the cutest kids!

This is Kellen's best friend Mallon! Yes we are dying for him to move down here! Just need a little inspiration, so all you southern belles line up! He's a keeper!!

This guy too! This is my brother-in-law, Kyle he lives in Tupelo by my in-laws. He is such a great uncle to put up with those 2 clowns!! They just climbed all over him!

I am not real sure what the obession is with Mylee wearing a hat! But she stole uncle Kyle's and wore it all day at the pool! I guess bc her brother loves wearing one!

Grandma and Mylee & Gramps and Mylee! Not real sure why Mylee is wearing this glove or wear she found it!

Well thats about all of our fun trip to The Wharf! Can't wait for vacation next year!!

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