Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going to the Zoo Again!

We are members of the zoo here in Jackson, which is awesome, because we paid like $45 and we can go as many times as we want for an entire year free (well for on time fee $45). So we have been taking advantage of that and go often. This time we actually took picnic lunches and after we walked the zoo we went across the street by the train and sat at the picnic tables. So here are some pics of the kids and us at the zoo!

ok There is a story behind this huge lovely pig! So me and the kids go into the petting zoo and there is this pig just laying there. Mylee walks up and I said, "Mylee look do you want to pet the pig?" She looks up at me as serious as you can be and says, "Momma, its BACON!" I about died of laughter. We left the petting zoo soon after bc she just kept calling him Bacon. It was pretty funny and have no clue where she learned it from!

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