Monday, March 28, 2011

This weekend!!!

Our weekend was very busy!  We left Sat morning at 8:00 and got home about 8:00 Sat night!  We had 3 soccer games and 2 birthday parties to go to and we made it to everything! and on time!  The kids were exhausted but not once did they complain! They were awesome!
This is Kellen and one of his "favorite" girls, Meri Morgan, she is so sweet and adorable!  He always ask if we can move and live by her!  HAHA  he is funny! 

 Great defensive positions!! 
 I love this picture!  The love this daddy has for this boy is unreal!!! 
 And these 2 together = trouble!  Not sure why but they LOVE each other so much!!
 Well I take it back these two = tons of trouble ( Kellen and his cousin Patrick)!!!
 This was this morning.  Mylee was dying to wear grandma's shoes (which Kellen's mom , Grandma, bought these shoes for her a few weekends ago, so she calls them grandma shoes!) and Kellen watched Kangaroo Jack Sunday so he wanted to wear this jacket bc he thinks it looks like Kangaroo Jack!  He is crazy!!!
 Kellen is growing up so fast and becoming a little man!  He is sooo sweet and precious!  He is 5 1/2 years old here, weighs 52.4 pounds and is 43 inches tall.  He loves I mean loves baseball! He practices all the time!  Maybe he will play baseball for the bulldogs one day!!  He is doing soooo good in school. He has the best memory EVER (which he did not get from me!)  He is learning to read and loves it!! 
Ms. Sassy pants is growing up fast too and getting soooo tall!  She defintely is sassy though! Sweet and Sassy!!  Mylee Jayne is 2 1/2 years old and is 32.3 pounds and 33 inches tall.  She can not wait to do the things her brother does! She can say all her ABC and knows all the sounds and can tell you any letter you put up in front of her.  She can count to 10 without any help and she loves to color!!  So if she visits you please do not leave anything she can color with around! She will find it!! 

Oh yeah and we can not WAIT until our friends The Chaos have baby Jase! We have been waiting for him a long time! Hopefully he makes his debut this week!!! 

That's it- Until next time!!  - The Maurer's- Kellen, Bo, Kellen Jr., & Mylee Jayne

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