Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birmingham Zoo!

My entire family went to Birmingham, AL the last weekend in February.  I am not sure how we got 21 people to sit still!  Which I might add 11 of them are kids! This was the first picture and I was pretty impressed to have everyone looking and actually smiling.  We had so much fun at the zoo and it is huge!  We are members of the Jackson Zoo so we got to get in free!

Mylee Jayne is eating her "Ho-Nut" aka donut!
All the cousins together. 
Top row:  Heath Varmette, Connor McNamee, Savannah Robbins, Tori Robbins, & Eva Varmette
Bottom Row:  Mylee Jayne Maurer, Caitlyn McNamee, Pete Varmette, Will Varmette, Kellen Maurer, & Patrcik Robbins. 
Mylee loved these birds.  You can buy this nector and the birds fly and sit on you.  She liked it.
Kellen like his momma, hated the birds!  Let me just say I screamed everytime a bird touched me and Kellen did not stay long in there.  I was not going to miss a picture opportunity, The things moms do for there kids!!
My two Kellen's!
This is what they transported their Rhino in.
Me and my Mylee Jayne!

We had a blast in Birmingham and it was soooooo good to see everyone and watch all our kids play together.  They miss all their cousins and love being with each other!  It is hard to all get together at the same time but when we do WE have soooo much fun. 

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