Thursday, February 23, 2012

One year later! Almost!

Hey guys sorry I am TERRIBLE about blogging.  Alot has happened in the last year from kids really growing up to playing indoor soccer to enjoying a great year with Big K and the kids!!

What the kids are up too lately:
Mylee Jayne:  Completely spoiled!! HAHA for those of you that see her on a regular basis you know I am right! That child is hilarious in the things she comes up with and comes out of her mouth and her facial expressions.  She is very out spoken and loves to do things her way! She is so sweet and snuggly and the most beautiful little girl I know (and she does not mind telling you this).  She is bossy and sassy but in the same sentence she is sweet and loving. She loves to take dance and play soccer.  She is big into writing her name (Yes she is only 3 but she can do it and does it very well) .  She is 3 years old and is tall.  She likes princesses and cats and loves loves loves to color on whatever she can find!!

Kellen:  He is getting sooooooooo tall and big.  He is not a little boy anymore.  He is 6 years old and plays, Baseball, Outdoor Soccer, and Indoor Soccer.  He loves to play the wii and watch big kid shows!!  He is my sweet always looks out for his momma child.  Does not like the dark and tries his best to not sleep by himself!  He loves his soccer buddies and he anything and everything to do with sports, Just like his daddy.  He is very very smart!  He is reading on a first grade level even though he is in K-5.  He loves to read and I hope he continues to do this.  He loves to go to Peachtree to visit my grandparents.   I can't believe he is 6 years old or I can not believe I have a six year old!!! 

Kellen and Bo:  We do whatever our kids do.  We rarely are apart from each other or our kids.  We all like to go on vacations (Beach then Disney HERE WE COME!!)  Big K plays adult soccer and works out alot, I just work out now.  We never miss a childs sport (unless one or the other kid gets sick).  We are your typical parents- work then go to whatever kids has there sports.  We try to go somewhere every once in a while.  We have been married 7 years! Whoo hoo!  We like going to movies together and having Robbins/Maurer Friday nights.   But really we just hang out with the family!!


Here are a few pictures one from this time last year and one from this year! My kids have grown!!!


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