Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a few randoms!

Memphis- silky o Sullivans
 Kellen and I and some of our friends, Phil and Nikki, decided to head to Memphis one Saturday and go watch an NBA game- Grizzlies vs Wizards.  Well as you can see from the picture of Nikki and me, we were really really high up.  In fact, the court looked so small and the players looked no bigger than 5'10.  So we were really high up!!  We had a good time anyways just having some adult time!  Of course those of you know Kellen, he is defintely a NUT!!  

Me and Nikki at game


Now a few randoms of the Maurer kids!
This is our January 2011 picture.  I have started doing a book at the end of each year and it has a picture of both kids together each month and it shows how much they have grown!  Throughout 2010 both kids have grown up so much and the pictures prove it.  

Here Kellen is eating some fruit early one morning, and Mylee Jayne wanted some.  Kellen, of course, is one of the most loving kids and loves to share with his sister (Mylee lets just say she needs alot of guidance in the sharing department HAHA).  But it was so sweet that he started feeding her the fruit so she would not spill it.  She finally gave him a big thank you hug!  It was nice to see them not fighting for once!! HAHA.  Those of you who have younger kids/young brothers or sisters know what I am talking about!  Well until next time! Enjoy you weekend!  Love - The Maurer's

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