Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tailgaiting, tents, and SOME DAWGS!!!

Well as you can see from the title this post is about Mississippi State Football! Kellen and I went up to Starkville last Saturday with some Friends (Jeff and Jana) for some awesome football and tailgaiting. This was our first year to actually tailgate so it was defintely an experience.

Here are a few pics of us through out the day and by the way the Dawgs beat the Memphis Tigers!
Love this pic withthe flag and Ms State in the background!

Us at the game- not too sure why I am smiling like that but Kellen is barking at the pic moment!

Jeff and Jana! Jeff is an awesome photographer here in the Jackson area check out his webisite! www.! And they are expecting so we are super super excited about that!

Me and the Big K
Us and the Chaos

We will get better at tailgaiting! Out first time was trial and error!
This was Maroon Friday!
We I can honestly say I loved every minute of the tailgaiting experience and I can not wait to see Little Kellens expression on the 25th of September when we whoop up on the other bulldogs! GO STATE!

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