Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dawgs vs Dawgs!

How cute are the B-Dawg (this is what Mylee calls Bulldogs) Maurer's!
My friend Jana made this cake! It was awesome! It tasted just as good as it looks!

Well this past Saturday the MSU dawgs played and beat the Georgia Dawgs! We got to take Little Kellen with us for his birthday weekend. We did not take Mylee Jayne because well she just does not like crowds or strangers, and I really did not want to chase her around all day either! So it was just us and little Kellen time!

All I have to say about going to the game with little Kellen is that HE LOVES IT!!! He had so much fun! He was sooo tired on the drive back and the next day but HE LOVED IT!! He rang his cowbell and yelled GO STATE! and wanted to stand the whole game! Needless to say, Little K made his DADDY sooooo proud this weekend and they can not wait to go to another. We tailgated with some of our awesome friends and had a blast! Here are a few pics of the weekend.
Big K had to chase the football bc his little QB1 does not have good aim yet!
The Kellen's at the game! Can you tell they are having fun!
The 3 of us! Yes it was soooooo hot Saturday!

Mommy and Kellen waiting for the game to start! And this is Kellen resting while tailgating!

Well these 3 pictures are actually from the weekend before when MSU played LSU. But when you have a daughter this adorable how can you not put her in a bulldog post!! My mother in law made this dress when she was 6 months old but left a huge hem in it so I could keep letting it out! Mylee loves her face tattoos of the B-Dawgs and she wore them for like 3 days!
Hope you enjoy!
- The Maurer's

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