Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1, 2008

Well lets see what has happened since my last blog. Well I went to the Dr. and had another sonogram, and our little girl is huge!! at 24 weeks she was weighing in at 3.3 pounds and in the 85th percentile on weight and length. So once again we are having a big baby!! We got some good pictures of her. She also has a big head (she gets taht from her daddy) So we are defintely having a C-Section. The Dr. said I would not make it to 38 weeks, so hopefully she will come at 37 weeks so it will be after Little Kellens Birthday Party he is having at Pump It Up!!

But that really is all that has happened. Thankfully not much has been planned the last few weeks but after this week, we have so many scheduled events and places to be that we will be on the go pretty much every weekend until after the baby is born!!

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Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

your little boy is precious! good to see you are doing well!