Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 23, 2008

Ok Its been a while so My little Kellen is growing up so fast he will be 3 years old at the end of Sept. He absolutely loves Batman and we argue all the time because we cant wear our Batman PJ's to school!! We are expecting a baby girl at hopefully atthe end of Sept. but most likely in October of 2008. We have named our little princess Mylee Jayne Maurer.

I went to supper club with my dearest friends- Shelley, Brandy, Casey, and Aimee last night, we went to Keifers and had some good "Adult" time. Yes they are friends from high school and its erally strange to keep in touch with people that long but I love them dearly and each one has helped me out in some way along the road!!!! I love hearing crazy funny kids stories they ahve bc at least I konw I am not the only one!!!

We went to ORange Beach for Memorial Day weekend and week and had a blast!! We stayed at a place called The Wharf of AL. It was great especially since we have small children. They are so kid friendly and their oasis pool is AWESOME for kids!!!! Our condo looked out on to the bay and we watched several boats dock and Kellen loved it.
We went to LuLu's and ate one night and had a blast!! Kellen and Patty played in the sand then we sat by the band and ate and the kids danced and had so much fun!!
We go for another sonogram on Thursday to see how little Mylee Jayne is doing! We have one every 6 weeks because I have gestational Diabetes. So far she is growing perfect and getting big. She kicks constantly and is very active late at night and around 4:00 in the morning.
Well I need to get back to work. So until then...... Probally in about 2 months! Hopefully not!!

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