Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7, 2008

Hey Guys

This is my first blog! Yeah, I am finally coming up in the world!! First myspace, then facebook, and now this! Well just a few things about me, I am married to an awesome fabulous guys named Kellen for 3 years and we have the most precious son named Kellen, JR which is two- the terrible twos!! He is my and my husbands heart. He is defintely spoiled rotten to the core but we love every bit of it. We have had a terrific life -could not ask for anything better.

Big Kellen has had the flu this eek so that stinks!!

I had supper club with my best friends from high school and I love it. I gives us a chance to talk with someone other than a child and our husbands and gives us a time to catch up!! It has been 10 years this year since we graduated and we are getting old.

until next time................................

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