Friday, January 7, 2011

What a great way to end 2010!!

Well I have been terrible about blogging. We have been so busy at the end of 2010. In October after both kids birthdays in September, Kellen and I went on a cruise with one of my sisters and my brother-in-law! It was fantastic! I loved it and want to go back soon! If you can do it, everyone should go on a cruise without your kids and one with your kids! They are so much fun and relaxing! Also, Kellen got a new job! He loves it and is so happy (thank goodness). He will have to travel a little bit at first for training but not really after that!

So now on toNovember, we had Thanksgiving and shopping! We spent Thanksgiving at my moms, Kellen was in training for 2 weeks in FL in November (thats why we did not get to go to Tupelo). My in-laws all came down and my brother-in-law stayed a few extra days, which was nice. I am sure my kids have made him never wanting any kids! HAHA FYI- Mylee really needs to be amused in the car- thank you DVD player!!

Now its December! Little Kellen and Mylee are so excited Santa is coming. Kellen asked for everything under the sun and Mylee just wanted princess band-aids, candy, and stickers!

We had Christmas Eve at my moms with 2 of my sisters, brother-in-laws, and neices and nephews, Stacy and her fam stayed in Huntsville. They opened presents and screamed and yelled. It was chaiotic! I loved it and would not have it any other way!

Kellen was way too busy to stop for a picture! Sorry!

Then Santa came and brought way way way too much. Mrs. Claus will have to get under control next year!

Here is both the kids loot! Kellen was excited to get up early! Mylee not so much as you can see her slowly coming into the living room!

After we opened Santa gifts we all got dressed and headed for Tupelo to have Christmas with Kellens family! And guess what as soon as we got to GOD'S country (aka Starkville) the snow fairy came with tons of snow!!! It was so wonderful to finally have a white Christmas for the first time in this Southern girls life! Now The Maurer's are orginally from Oregon so it was old news to them! HAHA. But we finally made it to Kellen's parents and we walked in and it was like Santas shop exploded tons and tons and tons of presents everywhere!

The kids anxiously waited and opened and opened and opened presents (this is the advantages of being the only neice and nephew and grandkids!!!!) They got so much fun stuff! and they loved it! WE got tons of stuff too, I loved all my gifts even though my in-laws all called my presents boring!! HAHA. We played and I got to cook my first turkey! Whoo hoo!

On sunday night my poor mom-in-law got her hand stabbed and had to have emergency surgery to repair two severed nerves and she is in a splint/cast for a long time. I am sorry that had happened to her, but she did push Mylee out of the way and if she didnt, I can not and do not want to imagine what could have happened to my sweet baby girl. Things grandmas do for their sweet grandkids!

After Christmas came New Years and Happy Birthday to Me! Yeah 31 is just dandy!!! We went to my sisters house for New Years night and thought we might get blown away in all the tornados.! After the weather blew thru we had a great time, watching kids and some adults (hint hint TT) sing some Karoki (however you spell it). We all stayed up to 12:01 and then all went to bed!!

This is what happens when your fully clothed 2 year old gets left alone in a 9 year old's room!! It was pretty funny and thankfully it was just on her and not anywhere else!!

Now its 2011 and I can not wait to see what is in store for my awesome family!! Thank you God for giving me the best husband, kids, family, and friends! You are an awesome GOD and no one can have a happy fufilling life without you! I am so excited about some babies being born to several of our friends, sports my kids are playing, and planning our Disney Trip!! WHOO HOO. until next time! Enjoy the photos!!

Have a wonderful 2011! - Love The Maurer's


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if he had her alone in his room and she still has a diaper on I need to show him what to do to her next time he gets her alone